University of Southern California, BA Political Science – Cum Laude Honors

Coastline College, AA Communications, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Business, Economics – Valedictorian, President’s List

Specialized Training:

Television Production, Political Campaign Strategy, Digital Media Fellowship, Skateboarding and Action Sports Business, QuickBooks, VITA/Personal Income Taxation, Real Estate Practice, HIPAA Awareness for Business Associates

Media Appearances:

Vice, ESPN AM 830 KLAA, USA Radio Network

Host of The Fixerpunk Podcast

Greyson Peltier has a track record of bringing groundbreaking, radical ideas to light since he was 12 years old. Having experience as a political reporter and commentator, political organization board member, startup business Vice President, and professional marketer, he found much lacking in the models used to run society, politics, and business. After gaining a deeper understanding of alternative cultures, he found unexpected clarity and direction to solve problems.

Greyson first took to the radio airwaves on ESPN’s AM 830 KLAA, appearing on air with the likes of Roger Lodge (former Blind Date host), Dave Smith, and Jeff Biggs. He was named the Resident Political Analyst of The Sports Lodge for his ability to provide cogent perspectives on politics in a manner that was cohesive with the show’s sports format. In addition, Greyson hosted his own Internet radio show, was a columnist for Huffington Post subsidiary Patch, and worked with a nonprofit media organization primarily covering financial regulatory legislation.

Simultaneously, he helped to build Fitt Enterprises, Inc. into an innovator in Foodservice, with business models that would years later proliferate as tech and business trends. The company originally started as a healthy foods takeout business called Fitt Meals To Go, which received an Award of Excellence from the County of Orange in 2010 and held a 5 Star Yelp Rating throughout its operation. Fitt Meals To Go was also a pioneer in healthy school lunches, as its School Lunch Solutions program was introduced into a small group of Orange County private schools with great success years prior to federal intervention to improve public school lunches. Realizing that the facility where Fitt operated had sufficient capacity to support other businesses that did not have a commercial kitchen, Virtual Kitchen Solutions was launched, primarily under Peltier’s auspice. The term “Virtual Kitchen” for the concept of using restaurant space to support new food concepts, now used heavily on Uber Eats and similar platforms, was pioneered by Peltier and Fitt Enterprises. At Greyson’s direction, Fitt Meals To Go was also one of the first restaurants to adopt GrubHub in Orange County. But the true star of the business was its partnership with a leading television infomercial company to prepare meals in accordance with the diet books included with fitness products. Fitt was contracted to provide three meals a day and snacks to test groups of as many as fifty that would later show their results on infomercials aired nationwide. The model of “meal prep delivery,” with meal delivery or pickup according to diet parameters, used during these infomercials is now widely adopted in fitness and sports nutrition settings. 

He has also researched various methods of using the power of finance and markets to help the less fortunate. These include education, socially responsible investing, novel loan underwriting methods, and assistance programs designed to promote self-sufficiency.

Having graduated high school at age 15, Greyson earned his degree with honors at age 20 from the University of Southern California, majoring in Political Science. He also attained five Associate’s degrees in the fields of Communications, Economics, Business Administration (AA and AS-T), and Social and Behavioral Sciences from Coastline College in Newport Beach, CA. While in school, Greyson put his desire to serve into action by volunteering with the IRS’ Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program and by co-founding his school’s first honor society, Alpha Beta Gamma. Additionally, while at USC, he conducted research on the political preferences of young evangelicals using a unique discontinuity analysis method to isolate and determine their attitudes relating to social justice.

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