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Greyson Peltier, also known as "Fixerpunk," is a communications consultant and content creator specializing in social impact, cultural movements, and politics. He has a background in the political field, interdisciplinary knowledge, and passion for challenging conventional wisdom in all areas to solve problems for everyday people. The name Fixerpunk signifies that he is a relentless advocate for the misunderstood, the outcasts, those facing oppression, and victims of failed institutions in society. He shares his knowledge on his podcast and TikTok of same name. With over ten years of experience and a degree from the University of Southern California, he shows an ability to utilize trends before they become mainstream, discover solutions where there were none before, and connect cultures to create movements.


Cultural Civic Advocacy

Defy what’s possible by going beyond conventional campaigning and activism and creating…

Media Ecosystem + Revenue Development

Comprehensive Content Creation Services, Research, Media Sales, and Creator Partnerships

Community Engagement

Turn your ideas into a movement with a highly trained expert in…

Marketing + Communications

Inclusive and precise marketing services, using both Digital and Traditional Media.

Social Media + Content Creation

Comprehensive content creation by an early adopter of social media, podcasts, and…

Research Reports + Analysis

White Papers, Research Reports, Cultural Analysis, and Opinion Research to Build Your…


Since 2009
Early Adopter of Podcasting + Social Media
Committed to Social Responsibility + Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Frequent Media Interview Guest
and Featured by Top Media like Vice, ESPN Radio KLAA, USA Radio Network, and Street Fight Radio
Trained in Television Production, Political Speaking, and Journalism
and Experienced in Social Media and Podcasting


Greyson Peltier

Entrepreneur, Activist, and Consultant  

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I take a unique and individualized approach to every cause and client.


Ideas for your inspiration (from external sources). What can I create for you?


Greyson is impressive in all his work and shows incredible dedication to all his projects, foundations, and school work.

Michael Patterson