Youth Rights

AGEnda 8

Tea Party Youth’s Agenda Against Ageism

Stop Ageist Spending Policies
The federal budget’s spending allocations should not unjustly redistribute wealth from the young to the old.

Stop Ageist Debt Policies

  • The federal budget should be limited, the deficit replaced by a surplus, and the surplus used to eliminate the national debt, in order to stop unfairly burdening future generations with debt from prior generations’ spending.
  • Clauses or amendments should be included or attached, respectively, to every House and Senate bill in order to prevent taxation without representation on young people unable to vote on the debt they will involuntarily inherit from each bill.
  • A Constitutional amendment should be passed to prevent the unjust taxation without representation on young people unable to vote on the debt they involuntarily inherit.

Stop Ageist Education Policies
Students should be the decision-makers for their high school educations, and state-to-student financing should replace state-to-campus financing in order stop the de facto ethnic and economic segregation caused by ageism in education.

Stop Ageist Employment Policies
The so-called Age Discrimination in Employment Act was ageist and discriminatory because it only protected people over 40 years old and older. It did not protect young people from age discrimination. Age discrimination in employment should be illegal for all safe jobs for all legally employable citizens.

Stop Ageist Military Policies
It is ageist to base the requirement to register for the draft on age. This law should be changed so as not to target the young.

Lower the Drinking Age
The federal law requiring states to establish a drinking age of 21 should be repealed. States should not establish drinking ages higher than 18.

Repeal Curfew Laws
All laws forbidding young people from being out of their homes after certain hours should be repealed.

Lower the Voting Age
States should exercise their constitutional prerogative to lower or abolish the voting age for all elections.

Yes! I agree with AGEnda 8, and I ask my local, state, and federal representatives to carry it into action.

By signing this petition, you consent to sharing your information with Tea Party Youth and the National Youth Rights Association and to receiving email from both organizations. The National Youth Rights Association is neither conservative nor libertarian nor liberal, but seeks to educate all Americans about ageism and the misery ageist policies inflict on young Americans. TPY and NYRA are two separate entities, with separate email lists, so you will receive two separate confirmation emails.

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