Tea Party Youth: the original and official Tea Party Youth movement!

Tea Party Youth (TPY) is the original and only youth-founded, youth-owned and youth-controlled movement exclusively dedicated to the Tea Party’s future. TPY was established in 2009, and is now leading the charge to revolutionize the way the Tea Party is reaching out to young people. TPY’s most important partnership is the yearly Tea Party Conference – the original national conference exclusively dedicated to growing the Tea Party’s youth movement. For more information about the Tea Party Conference, please visit www.TeaPartyConference.org.

God Bless!

– Tea Party Youth

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  1. Bill Hogan

    Congratulations on your launch!

    • I met Elise at the National Organization for Marriage’s Summer for Marriage Tour stop in St. Louis. She spoke to the crowd and did an excellent job. I then interviewed her for NOM. Elise, if I can be of any assistance to your organization, please e-mail me louis@oneman-onewoman.org

  2. i am cole lankford i am trying to contact the tea party youth to open them a website i am web developer and designer i have designed websites like mafiapro.com pgogaming.com empireorg.com and gameradrenaline.com and even though i these are gaming sites i made i would like to take my talent to help the tea party youth i…n giving them a real suitable website to call their own even though i am 19 i am still a voice to be heard i am cole lankford and i am a tea party you and if you have any questions please drop me a line at 903 286 6246

  3. Guys:

    It is exciting to see youth of today taking responsibility in an intellectual way, and it gives us faith in the future of this country.

    I just wanted to let you know about “1/20,” the first narrative film to examine the America zeitgeist between September 2008 and January 20, 2009. “1/20” is a family-friendly coming-of-age film that portrays a Japanese teenager and her best friend, as they search for their identity in America, while the country is caught up in messianic fervor over expected political changes that never actually arrive. The film holds a mirror up to that American experience, and thereby presents a cool alternative portrait of youth touched by nihilistic exhaustion when Obama did not deliver the changes that everyone expected.

    As the new presidential campaign has begun, 1/20 should be included in the relevant political dialogue.

    Join our facebook page: 1/20 the movie, check out our website: http://www.onetwentymovie.com and stay tuned for a screening near you.


  4. Brandon Riess

    I think that this is truly a wonderful thing. I am only 15 years old, but I know that our future is in good hands, and that its youth is finally taking a stand to fight for what is right. Conservative views lead to a healthy lifestyle, and should be observed by the entire nation. Let’s hope that, one day, someone from this generation is elected that is NOT a communist, and CARES about the state of the nation. Tea Party Youth!

  5. Matt Jones

    Amazing! I just started a blog on teens getting politically involved, and then one of my parent’s friends told her about this! Way to go guys!

    -Matt Jones@ http://oneteenundergod.blogspot.com/

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